Monday, January 19, 2015

Where did my baby go?

The last few months, I have been wondering where my baby has gone.  I thought I had a sweet little 8 year old little boy, but he sounds like a 16 year old little turd sometimes.  I honestly don't remember me having some of the facial expressions, lingo, or attitude that he has at his age.  (WOW, now I sound like my mother).  We've really had to set some boundaries, and consequences with him and his behavior.  One thing that consistently seems to be helpful (if we can manage to stay consistent with it) is positive reinforcement through our chore chart (on that chore chart includes respect and no whining) every evening we go over the chore chart and discuss where they did great and where their downfalls were.  If they have something they are trying to earn money for, they strive even harder to do great (we award a bonus buck for having a perfect score all week on the no whining and respect sections).  Now, if dad and I can remember to be consistent...

Class Clown

I just had the mid-year parent teacher meeting with Eli's kindergarten teacher.  He seems to be doing well in everything (needs a little improvement on his handwritting), but when we moved into the behavior conversation.....It wen't a little like this:  He is very high energy (we already knew that), he consistantly needs reminders to sit properly in his chair (no surprise there), he gets distracted easily (no kidding), and he likes to be the class clown (yes, we were told this by his pre-K teacher).  The teacher goes on to give me an example of his class clowning....The other day they had a student/guest teacher come in, and they had their backs turned to the class, and turned back around, there Eli was sitting at his desk with crayons sticking out of his ears....LOLOL, sorry, when the teacher told me this, i had to appologize and laugh for a couple of minutes, hahaha.  But for real, he is a pleaser, and is more than happy to do his best to please who-ever.

Love that kid.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day of school

Someone was VERY excited for his first day of school :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer 2014 vacation fun...and not so fun

..................................................................................Well, we just finished our last of two big summer vacations this year (by the way, I think we will stick to just one big trip a year, and maybe something small in addition).
Our first trip was to Virginia to go see Cari, Shawn, Jasonn, Abby, and Mathew.  This trip, was by far our favorite trip we have taken yet.  We not only got to spend time with family that we have either never met before, or haven't see in YEARS.  We also went to Thomas Jefferson's house and toured the grounds, which was very neat.  We stopped off and had lunch and wine tasting on Carter mountain (and bought some of the peach wine....MmMm).  Next we went to Washington DC and toured several of the monuments and saw the White House....beautiful architecture there...and so much more that we didn't even scrape the surface of.  the last day we were there, we spent the day playing card games and snacking on delicious food.....what a wonderful trip.
on this trip, we were able to take the boys through: Arkansas, Tennessee (we stayed the night just outside of Nashville on the way there and on the way back), Virginia (took the back way home through the Appalachian mountains....gorgeous, mountain after mountain as far as the eye can see), Washington DC, West Virginia (pretty and mountainous, gets flatter on the North Western end toward Ohio), Ohio (just went through the very southern tip...not pretty), Kentucky (drove through mammoth cave national park, saw beautiful horse farms, and Transylvania University).
Our Second trip was to Panama City Florida...we took the dogs with us this time.  We stayed in a hotel right on the beach (the hotel wasn't much to speak of) our view was beautiful...the sand was white...but unfortunately, there wasn't any sea shells for the boys to hunt...they were looking forward to that.  the kids had a blast playing in the sand and ocean...I on the other hand was a nervous wreck with them in the ocean.  we spent time on the beach our first day there, and went out to the board walk shopping center, and then ate dinner at a nice restaurant near our hotel.  the second day, we played on the beach again, played bingo....and WON! then for dinner we ate at a restaurant right on the beach side...very nice.  the last day was a rainy day...the ocean was actually pretty choppy with rather large waves...but that didn't keep the boys away...which didn't keep my anxiety away either....on our way home we stopped at the battleship and submarine in Mobile Alabama...the kids enjoyed the well as the parents....but the most memorable part of our trip home was (THE NOT SO FUN) when Sophie (our dog) locked us out of the car.....while the car was running... during a storm...funnel cloud forming just down the road, kind of storm....Robert tried to coax her to unlock the car with a piece of deli meat (looked like a total ding dong doing it), had to call roadside assistance, but just one minute before they arrived (literally one minute) she rolled down the passenger window and let us in! haha
On this trip the we went through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

The tooth fairy came, finallly!

Well, the tooth fairy came last night, and of course, eli woke up at midnight and woke everyone else up so we could read his tooth fairy note, talk about the tooth fairy, and discuss what to spend the tooth fairy money on. ...... never mind that we all have to work and go to school in the morning

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

You can't fool the tooth fairy!

Taylor talked eli into pulling his tooth out last night (eli's tooth), but then the tooth fairy didn't show up because she couldn't find the tooth. ..... come to find out, Taylor also talked eli into putting the tooth under HIS pillow.....

Monday, May 5, 2014

Shall we go there?

We just finished a soccer season with Taylor, and Eli has a few more games of baseball, this is Eli's first year to experience baseball off the T, he is doing quite well (he has quite the arm on him).  As far as Taylor, we are actually starting to see more aggressiveness this year...being the third year playing, he seems much more comfortable finally.  Now, i have been begged, bothered and pestered to check into hockey lessons....i've heard so many different things by different people.  We like to go watch the local hockey team a lot, so the boys are both wanting to play now.  We recently bought street hockey, and they can't seem to get enough of, we will see where this goes in the future :)
and, just for an update on the busy schedule...we have changed that at bit, to allow time for REAL family time....we only do ONE activity per child (excluding their Wednesday/Sunday church activity), things have started to feel a lot less stressful around here, still busy by all means, but, nothing like it was when we had Taylor in 3 different activities, Eli in one activity, AND Wednesday/Sunday church activity.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Wow, Life has picked up!!

My goodness, I haven't sat down to write anything for a while, but believe me, it isn't for lack of wanting to.  Both boys are now at an age where they are both playing sports (ages, 5 and 7). If you could see my calendar for last month, you wouldn't believe it.  There wasn't a single spare moment on that schedule.  Taylor and Eli both played baseball on separate teams with two separate practices a week and a game each on Saturdays, Taylor takes martial arts lessons with practices twice a week, and then goes to an after school educational program once a about crazy days!  I am typically the type to like my house clean...really clean, and grocery shop once a week with a pre-planned menu for the week, and extra practice homework aside from what is assigned by the teacher.....but let me tell you, with all of these sports we have gotten ourselves into, we would find ourselves eating out every day of the week because I hadn't had time to go grocery shopping for weeks!  the house....well, I started to wonder if I was ever going to get things back into shape....are we ever going to be back to normal??  Well, let me tell you one thing we have sport/activity at a time per child!!  And I am grateful for our housekeeper for finding time to make a last minute trip to get me caught up with house chores.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Disney 2013

well, we just got back from our family trip to Disney World, and let me tell you, we had a blast! As much fun as it was, it was probably the most exhausting thing we have ever done.  Just to give you a slight idea of how busy we were, I have listed our itinerary....why an itinerary?  well, we signed up for the delux Disney dinning plan, and wanted to ensure we got the full benefit of paying for that plan, and in order to do so, it is recommended to make reservations to the selected restaurants you choose to eat....Now, let me tell you one lesson learned....DON'T plan every meal of your trip, BECAUSE you are tied to your meal schedule, and sometimes your not even hungry yet, oh, man, we had so much food with this plan, we were constantly stuffed to misery.  And because our meals were all reserved, we felt like we were sprinting to get to our rides before the next scheduled, that kind of took away from the fun, but other than that, it was a very fun trip. 
**Definitely Refer to the helpful tips while planning the trip section of the blog...everything was spot on and very helpful for planning this trip.

DAY ONE: Here we go, on the plane and to Orlando we go!!

Here we are, all checked in to our hotel, and ready to venture into the Epcot Center!

Posing in front of LeCellier Steakhouse (they had the BEST creme brule)

Epcot Center - We rode a few rides, our second ride scared Papa and Taylor half to their graves, lol (Space Mountain), just future reference, it looks innocent until you get strapped in and go!!

Disney Itinerary
·        Arrival Day – Day 1 - Friday August 2nd

-          Arrive at Disney at 12:05

-          Check in at Hotel and receive tickets ect.

-          Have lunch wherever convenient (nothing reserved)

-          Go to EPCOT for the remainder of the day

-          There are 2 snacks to use up for the remainder of the day

-          Dinner reservations at LeCellier Steakhouse at 8:35 
  (Cx one day ahead for no penalty, otherwise $10/pp) (2pts)

·        Day 2 – Saturday – August 3rd

-          MAGIC KINGDOM

-          2 snacks to use through the day pp

-          Breakfast at Crystal Palace (1pt) at 9:15am (Cx one day ahead for no penalty, otherwise $10/pp) - taxes and gratuity not included

-          Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern (1pt) at 12:00pm different tables, no penalty for same day cx

-          Dinner at Spirit of Aloha (2pts) at 8pm

§  Dinner show

§  Taxes and gratuity IS included

§  Get there ½ hr EARLY

§  Allow 90 mins for transportation

§  Must cx one day in advance

§  Pick up tickets an resort concierge on check in (or at kiosk at show—do not want to do)

-          Wishes Night time spectacular (firework show) at 10pm at the Castle

·        Day 3 – Sunday – August 4th


-          2 snacks to use through the day

-          Breakfast at Tusker House Restaurant (1pt) at 9:30am

-          Lunch at Rain Forest CafĂ© (1pt) at 1:30pm

-          Separate tables

-          Dinner at Boatwrights Dinning Hall (1pt) at 7:40pm

-          At our resort, separate tables
·        Day 4 – Monday – August 5th


-          2 snacks through the day

-          Breakfast at Hollywood & Vine (1pt) at 9:15

-          Lunch at Mama Melrose (1pt) at 1:20

-          We have the fantasmic package with this plan

-          Will receive preferred tickets for preferred seating to the fantasmic show at 9pm (we actually didn't make this show....we were to exhausted, and went back to the hotel)

o   Show up at the show 45mins early

o   Will be escorted past the line and given preferred seating

§  Tip – don’t sit on very front row

-          Must cancel 2 days in advance

-          Dinner at Hollywood & Vine (1pt) at 7:10pm

·        Day 5 – Tuesday – August 6th

-          Departure Day

-          Departure flight is at 8:10 AM

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First week of T's second summer break - Disney Planning!!

...........................................................................................Well, this is T's second summer break.  This year, he gets it...last year, he had no idea what summer break meant...but now that he get's the pattern (school all year long, and then a nice little break, and then back to school again) he is ecstatic!  Last summer, we started what will remain a last day of school tradition: going out and doing something fun the night of the last day of school to celebrate the beginnings of summer!  Last year we took them to Gatti Town and let them have at it.  This year, we took them to Splitsville, and let me tell ya...Eli didn't do to bad for a four year old...he beat me in the first game!
The next day the boys and I went to the spray park and let them splash around.  Once they grew tired of that, they played at the park for a while, and then we topped it all off with a snow-cone...they were in heaven.
Mimi and Grand-dad came in for the weekend, and took them to Gatti Town, and spoiled them as Dad and I went on a 3 hour horse back ride for his that is a whole different story....let's' just say...I am glad I was not born into the era when horseback was the only mode of rear is still sore.

We've been planning and preparing for our big Disney Trip...the 4 of us, Mimi, Grand-Dad, and Papa-Race Car are all going....

I found some really helpful websites to help with the initial planning (I booked and planned the hotel, events, and meals through get deals, and insider extra's) but I booked the flight through the airline website...

Helpful Websites for Planning a Disney Trip:

Disney World
Ultimate Disney World Packing List
The Most Popular Disney World Restaurants
How to Save Money at Disney
20 Disney World Tips for Mom
Packing Tips for Toddler at Disney
Traveling Activities

Monday, April 22, 2013

Eli's first time for Soccer

This is Eli's first soccer season to play (he is 4 this year)...he loves it...but at the same time, his attention span is horrible.  The first game they played, I swear, all of the parents were rolling in laughter, it was SO cute to watch them.  Where-ever that ball went, those little guys followed and kicked it...totally disregarding the object of the game, completely unaware that there is actually a field that they are to play on, or goals to kick the ball into.  And anytime the coaches paused the game for a slight second, Eli could be found hanging upside-down off the goal like a little monkey...I tried to capture this hilarious moment with a picture, but somehow, every time he did it, I was interrupted before I could snap a photo.  Taylor, on the other-hand, is 7 this year and it is his second year to play...he has shown great improvement, you can tell that he has more of an idea, and definitely has more focus...a fun year!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Poor Angel

Well, the house is all decorated for Christmas, and the boys have enjoyed every last detail, especially the Christmas tree with the Angel on top.  Today I had to work, so it was just the boys (and dad) at home...apparently dad had an interesting day; becaus,e when i called to check on everyone, i was informed that the boys were in time out for shooting the Angel out of the tree with suction darts....I got home to find a very crooked Angel sitting atop the tree (Dads attempt to fix her).

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Candy Ninja's

Well, today was the second consecutive Saturday that the boys have taken advantage of my sleeping in while daddy is at work....This morning i heard a little voice ask me, "momma, can i have some candy?" of course i replied with a big fat NO and rolled over and went back to sleep (dad had already gotten up for work and given them cereal, so they were watching cartoons and playing - quietly).  When i finally got up i found little candy wrappers around the trash further investigate i went into the laundry room (where i have hidden the Halloween stash - on top of the cabinets) and found MORE candy wrappers....upon questioning, the boys admitted to thieving candy, but was unable to remember HOW MANY pieces they had eaten....seeing how this was not the first time they had sneakily gotten into the candy, i decided to trash every last bit of candy in the house....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Baking

They boys and I made cookies for fall....SO much fun!  What better than to combine my two favorite things (baking and crafts)!  Of course, the boys thought the cookies were awesome.

I've Gotten into the cookie baking: check out my page:
Frosted Designs

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Fall Table Decor

I know, this doesn't have anything to do with the kids, but i don't know how to make tabs on the blog for my crafts, so, here it is :) Got this idea out of a pottery barn magazine...was a lot cheaper to make it!
I used a tall clear vase for the base, then a clear round bowl with a candle holder made into the bowl, placed a flameless candle in the center, used Potpourri for the filler, placed corn around the base, and tied it off with string...then i plucked away bulky parts of the corn husk and trimmed away the fly-aways...and TaDa!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flag Football

Go #7! Taylor playing his first game, Mimi, Grandad, Uncle Jon, Aunt E, Cousin D all came to watch!

Mommy, is that your bra?

Try being in a boy scout meeting when your three year old decides (during a quiet moment, of course) to ask you, "mommy, is that your bra?" .... As he politely pats your chest.....You discretely reply with yes and remove his hand; he returns with, " I wanna see it" as he is tugging desperately at your neckline.....and oh, it can't stop there, he has to make it a five minute struggle, by this time you have the attention of every man and child in the place!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

T's First day of First Grade

August 27, 2012
He has class with three of his flag football friends...

The Boys

I had to bribe them with a sno-cone to get these pictures!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Customized Wall

Ok, this one doesn't have anything to do with the boys, but I was having the HARDEST time figuring out what to put on our dinning room wall, so i decided to just MAKE (with a little inspiration from pintrest) i went to our local craft store (hobby lobby) and bought a mirror, a monogram (R), picture frames, fabric, decorative pieces, and all the little in's and out's of putting it all together...i can honestly say, i am happy with the way it turned out :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Reward System

Well, Taylor is getting a little older, and i wanted to work on a new reward system that Incorporated reward for chores, and good behavior, as well as give the boys the opportunity to learn something.  With this new system, I bought a big baggie of multicolored popsicle stick from the craft store, and have assigned a certain number of points for each color.  Like school, we have made a chart, where green means they were good, yellow means they needed a warning, red = very bad behavior and so on...the green is worth the most points, and if they land on a red, they get no points and are grounded for the evening.  Chores are worth points as well, and then i made bonus points that can be earned for excellent behavior and for doing chores without being asked.  The point system is = to money.  I have arranged them so that he gets to count by one's, two's, five's and ten's.  So they choose a goal prize they wants to save for and we assign a certain number of points to that prize, and once those points have been earned, we award the prize and collect the points.  It has worked like a gem so far!  they have both earned games for their DS and Leapfrog.  And i get a clean house and well behaved boys out of the deal.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer 2012 Wrap-Up

We decided to start a tradition for our summers: the first and last day of summer we will always do something fun and kid oriented…the first day of summer this year we took the kids to one of their favorite places for dinner, and to end the summer, we will take them bowling! (and then end it with a mommy and daddy night out) Next, we made a summer 2012 bucket list…the kids pitched in with idea’s they liked as well. We decided to have the list so that anytime we needed a fun idea we would always have a nice long list of fun things to do. We had many fun adventures this summer, some of which weren’t on the bucket list, but that is ok, because we didn’t do everything on the list .

Also, Taylor completed a 1st grade workbook this summer and was rewarded with a DS (yes, i realize that was a little over the top, but it was a really thick book and we wanted to get him a DS anyways, but wanted a way to give him one without just handing it over for no reason)…This morning we attended his back to school parade and tonite we go meet the teacher, and Monday will mark the first day of a new school year (1st grade).

Monday, August 13, 2012

Taylor's First Church Camp

Taylor had his first church camp last week (Aug. 6-10)...Pine Cove Base Camp, he had a BLAST! I had a blast to, serving as the camp nurse. We both received a wonderfull blessing that week.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

He just couldn't wait!

Yesterday was Taylor's second day of flag football--he did great, seems to enjoy it. At the end, all of the kids, parents, and coaches gathered at the fence to discuss future plans, suddenly i heard someone gasp and say, "Oh My!" (my first thought was.."that's going to be my child...i just know it") when i turned around, i was greeted with Eli's bare behind as he decided the lawn looked like a perfectly fine place to use the restroom...i'm not sure which was more embarrassing...that, or me trying to carry him as he is thrashing and screaming all the way to the car (while having to stop and gather clothes that were kicked off amidst his kicking on the way).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kiddie Travel Pillows

I felt a little crafty and decided to make the boys pillows for their car seats...I feel so bad when i look back and see them slumped over into an impossible sleeping position; so i decided to help them out a little...we'll see how they work on our road-trip in a couple weeks! These pillows work especially well for my little guy who just graduated out of his car-seat...his head has no place to go!

update--they worked great!

How to make it: **I am not a sewing pro...not even, i may use terms like thing, or do-hickey :)
20 minutes of spare time and a trip to your craft store
1 yard fabric
Ribbon (i used satin edging ribbon)
pillow stuffing (amount depends on how big your pillow is and how firm/soft you want it)
sewing string and needle, (sewing machine would be great)

1.  For my pillows i took 1/2 yard of fabric and folded it long ways, and sewed all the corners and half way through the last corner, then stuffed the pillow
2.  Next i wanted to make sure the strap was the correct length for each child, so i took them out to the car, had them sit in their perspective seats and measured the length of ribbon it would take to assure the pillow would fall in the appropriate place.
3.  Then sewed the ribbon on (fold the ribbon on the ends a 2-3 times to add extra strength) i sewed 3 lines for extra re-enforcement as well.
And you are all done!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Milk-Shake Mistake

Well, on the way home i decide to stop and get Eli and I a Milk-shake....which he dumps in his lap...once i get home to clean it out of the car, Eli runs accross the street and dives into the, not only did i end up with a child covered in milkshake, but i ended up with a child covered in milkshake and caked over with dirt...he's in the shower right now....sigh

Monday, June 11, 2012


So, the boys have been a little on the mischievous side today (what's new?)We started out with a nice 1/2 mile walk to the park...played for a while, and walked the 1/2 mile back....but trust me...they still had PLENTY of energy left inside them. Eli, who is struggling with the concept of not throwing things in the house has been in time-out multiple times today for the same offense...the last time he got into trouble and sent to time out, i decided to put him in my front office to sit in the chair...hoping it would be a little more boring than his bedroom...and since the office has a glass door on it, i can sneak a peek when i walk by....except, when i did walk by to sneak a peek...the little toot was standing there with his pants down to his ankles and his booty straight up in the air....mooning me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New House!

The last 2 months have been an exhausting 2 months, but we all made it! By we all, i mean, my parents and my family. We decided to move back to the Dallas area, but when we moved, we didn't get to move all-together, first it was me (mom) and then the boys all got to move in 2 months later. But, now that we are all home, we have been filling our new home with new furniture, fun, and noise. We've met all of the neighbors (in my pajama's...don't ask), and the boys have already befriended all of the little kiddo's in the neighborhood. Taylor seems to be enjoying his new school, and Eli started his new 'school' yesterday, and seems to like it as well. Maybe i can catch up on boystories now that things have settled down a bit!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

How NOT to tell your kids that Santa isn't R-E-A-L

.....................................................Well, Taylor is definitely old enough to know the difference between a lie, and what is wrong or not. With that said, this year I really struggled with the whole Santa thing. Why? You may ask...well, First and Foremost, I didn't want him to confuse the true reason for that is exactly what we were doing. I asked him what the reason for Christmas was, and he stated, "It's when Santa brings Presents!" This is not for a lack of teaching, as he goes to a Christian school which only enforces the true reason for the Season, and we have done our fair share of educating....but that isn't what he wanted to see. We DID celebrate Christmas this year with Santa in the picture, as a matter of fact we went all out with the elf on the shelf and the Whole deal....Which REALLY diluted the reason why we celebrate Christmas. So, I decided to give in to my gut and tell him that Santa isn't real and discuss AGAIN the true reason for the season, and that our new Christmas tradition will include volunteering and giving to others.

Here's how it went down...Probably could have prepared ahead of time..

We all sat down on the couch, and I started with how Santa use to be real a loooong time ago, and that he use to bring gifts to little boys and girls who were in need, and their mommy's and daddy's couldn't get them anything. But then, he grew old and had to go to heaven, and mommy and daddy pretend to be Santa. Confused, Taylor states, "But Santa's Real, he sent me a present, and he ate the cookies" Me, "No baby, Santa is dead, he is in heaven" (in the mean time, my husband is in the background looking at me like...WHAT THE HECK!!?? DID YOU JUST TELL OUR KIDS THAT SANTA IS DEAD!!? Taylor's face was was dumbfounded...Realizing how this probably sounded to my son, i start trying to focus more on the 'Santa isn't real part). Me, "baby, mom and dad ate the cookies, and picked out your present for you, not Santa" Taylor..."Hu??, What about Tom Tom? (our elf on the shelf)" Me, "well baby, he's not real either, mom and dad was pretending with him to" T, "No, he's real, he did silly things!" Me, "No baby, we got him at Target. T, "TARGET!?, can i touch him?" Me, "Yes, will that make you feel better if i go get Tom Tom?" T, "Yes, i just want to touch him" So i go get Tom Tom and allow The boys each to touch the Taylor says to me, "mom, You lied" Me, "yes, baby, i am sorry, i won't ever lie to you again like that" Taylor, "mom, Jesus doesn't' like it when you lie" Me, "i know, i will pray and ask Jesus to forgive me, ok?" Taylor, "Ok mom, just don't to it again"

Thankfully Taylor doesn't seem to be to affected by my Santa is dead story, but Robert sure won't let me live it down...guess i could have approached that differently? LoL

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At the Yamboree

Boys and Grandad

Grandad has the boys laying on a hill, just under a carnival ride, watching as it passes over them.

Salt and Pepper

As a mother, i learn new things every day...most importantly, i learn new things i should be aware of when i am eating out...for example (thank you Eli) i have learned that when you sit down at the table, don't expect that everything AT the table is clean, and ok to use (such as the SALT and PEPPER shakers). My child LOOOVES to smell things...and taste them...the other day, i noticed him smelling the salt and pepper shakers at the table, so long as he was being quiet i let him be; however, the harmless smelling of the shakers turned into licking the salt and pepper shakers!! SO Disgusting!! So, Today's Lesson: Don't use the salt and pepper shakers at restaurants.

Other lessons learned:

Don't use the toothpicks - someone's child may have played with them all and then put them back.

Be aware of drinks and food items in the ice buckets in some restaurants - someone's child may have played in the ice...OR WORSE (trust me).

Friday, October 21, 2011

Check up Time

Today was Eli's 3 yr check up. I took both boys with me (mistake #1) and forgot to get a snack (mistake #2). we start out, on the way there, i look in the back seat and the boys had decided to take their shirts off and trade them (so, taylor has his little brother's shirt on, which goes up to his belly button, and Eli has his brother's shirt on, which looks like a night gown on him). So, we park, and i make them switch shirts (little brother just goes with the flow, but big brother is very upset that he had to give up the belly shirt). We get inside the building, checked in, and get to the waiting area, and Eli decides he needs to go pee-pee, so we hike back to the front where the bathroom is (hoping they don't call us while we are gone)...finally we get back and i have to get onto them for wanting to climb on the furniture, and for running all over the place (i felt like they were a pair of monkeys that had just escaped the zoo!). Moments later, Eli is now needing to go poopoo...ugh, really!?...we JUST came back from the bathroom! (and he can't just tell me, he has to announce it loudly to everyon) luckily just before we head BACK to the bathroom we get called to the doctors office (the last thing i want to do is deal with #2 in a public bathroom). The office visit goes pretty well (for 2 boys trapped in a small room for 45 minutes)Thankfully Mimi showed up to help....Eli checks out with a clear slate (mostly)...and the day goes on....exhaustively!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spring 2011

No, we don't actually have many pictures of Eli without a bruise on him, and if we are lucky, he's not a big blur in the photo! (Eli-2.5, Taylor-5)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ducklings for dinner??

Tonite on the way home from dinner taylor exclaims, "i know what we are having for dinner tonite! me: "what?" Taylor: "ducklings!!" me: "what???"(in the meantime i'm thinking where on earth did he come up with ducklings for dinner?...what is his teacher teaching him? what are they eating at school??)...Taylor, "yea, mom, you remember, you said you were going to make chicken and ducklings for dinner tonite!!" me: (fighting back an uncontrollable laugh) "OHHH, you mean chicken and DUMPLINGS!!!?" it didn't seem to sink in after i explained that they were dumplings (not ducklings) i tried to explain how they were made he asked if they turned into ducklings..haha, so funny!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Taylor is now in soccer....a much better choice for him; it keeps him constantly on the go, no problems like we had had with t-ball! (much more fun for mom and dad to watch too!) So far he has played all positions and does the best as goalie and midfielder. Eli plays soccer and football on the sidelines with other little kiddo's.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Pumpkins

They boys had a blast helping me make fun fall pumpkins!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

T's First Day of Kindergarten

August 16th, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011


Made this for Taylor's 1st day of Kindergarten  (I got the idea off pinterest).

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eli -- Cold Turkey Potty training

OK, we are in a wondrous state of shock right now. For the last few months we have tried EVERYTHING to potty-train Eli. We have tried 1/2hr trips to the bathroom, we have tried letting big brother show him how things work, we've tried pull ups, no underwear, underwear...U NAME IT. All he has done is say, "I need to peepee potty" and go up to the potty, poise himself appropriately, stand for 2 seconds and then say, "ALL DONE!" and run off...NOT doing a THING in the toilet!! ahh! how frustrating! so, the last week or so, i just let it rest. BUT...SUDDENLY, on July 5th he just decided, COLD TURKEY he is potty trained....NO KIDDING, he has pee'd and poo'd in the potty for the last few days! I guess it just had to be his idea and not ours! To give positive re-enforcement we have been giving him a jelly bean when he goes, and just to be nice, we give big brother one to, which has turned out to be great, because he encourages little brother to go to the potty (so they can get more candy! lol)....hope this continues, i feel like i'm in a dream :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Can Taylor Be My Boyfriend?

Yes, it happened...ALREADY! Last Tuesday i went to get the boys from school, and as i stepped into Taylors class a little girl comes running up to me with a big smile and greets me with, "HI TAYLORS MOMMY! Can Taylor be my boyfriend?" The teacher (who is sitting at her desk) just burst into laughter with her hands over her face, and i'm standing there in surprise...they are only 5! and poor Taylor is pleading to we are driving home, i ask him about this and his response is..."I don't wanna talk about it". lol

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, Taylor is noticing girls! Remember how in the begining of the baseball season we were having trouble getting taylor to participate? Well, not only is he participating now, but he has discovered girls in the process. Last week i showed up at his game a few minutes late (after work) and he was up to bat...i noticed a couple girls behind him at the fence yelling "GO TAYLOR!...WooHOOO, TAYLOR!!" i thought to myself...surly they aren't cheering for MY taylor (he's been so...reserved when it comes to girls...pretty reserved over all when it comes to interacting with other people), after he batted and made his round back to the dug out the coach was telling the boys to get their ball caps on to get ready to go to the outfield...Robert and i noticed him not doing what the coach asked and walked up to reinforce the coaches request, and his response was, "no mom, i want the girls to see me" LOL...yes, so he has noticed girls (not sure i'm ready for that), he is also participating with his team, and even making friends, so glad we hung in there!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You'll Think Next Time Before You...

We went to Newks for dinner tonite and were standing at the cashier placing our order and the boys were playing in the ice that was in the big display with drinks in it.... i looked over after placing my order and see Eli chewing up a piece of ice!...just next to him, Taylor was also chewing up a piece....AHH! but then decided to spit it back INTO the display with the drinks! no, that wasn't the worse, as he was spitting the ice back a mouth full of SPIT came with it! ughhggghhh...i was SOOO embarrassed! Yes, people were standing in line behind us probably wondering what kind of parents we are. So, you'll think next time before you grab a drink out of the display of ice!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Did He Do It On Accident?

Friday, taylor and i were driving home and passed a yard that had the sprinklers running. The light was hitting it just perfectly and we could see a rainbow in the yard....which taylor pointed out. I decided to take this moment to introduce a little bible story, and told taylor that a rainbow is God's promise to us to Never Ever flood the earth Ever again. he then asked me, "why? did he do it on accident one day?" HAHA, of course i took time to tell him about Noah's Ark after cute of him to pick up on that!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Egg Hunting

This Easter was fun, Taylor is old enough that we could hide the eggs, rather than just putting them in plain site; however, Eli still requires a more obvious hide. We set up the egg hunt in the back of Mimi's house and lined them up on the porch and counted to three and off they went! Eli starts off nice-n-easy...taking his time, and Taylor is rip-roaring all over the place, trying to get to every single egg before anyone else could (leaving behind the real ones). i finally pulled him over and instructed him to slow down and allow his brother to find some as well. SOOO, he decided that he would slow down SLIGHTLY and continue to find eggs, then i noticed him walk over to Eli's basket and say, "here you go Eli" placing an egg he had just found into his brother's basket! I watched and he continued to do this!...i suppose he figured that as long as Eli had eggs in his basket then i wouldn't say

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Little Boy Who Loves His "Poppy"

In Eli terminology "poppy" is coffee (He is 2). Every morning this little guy wakes up to check that his daddy has started his pot of coffee, if so, he announces, "poppy momma! poppy momma!" If not he gets the can of coffee grounds and takes it to his dad and holds it out to him, "poppy, daddy! poppy daddy!" While making the coffee he demands to smell the grounds in the can, and once the coffee has been made and poured into a mug he again demands to smell it! After it has cooled down his daddy occasionally lets him drink, and yes, i mean DRINK, not sip the last little bit left in his mug....what a happy little fella he is when coffee is around. Oh, and when we are driving, he can spot a Starbucks store from a mile away, "POPPY MOMMA!! POPPY DADDY!!!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Momma, Don't You Think You Should Get Dressed?

______________________________________________________________Ok, so today i played it lazy with the kids (we have those days sometimes), Eli finally went down for his afternoon nap and that is when i decided to grab my shower. Once the shower was over i heard little man awake in his room crying out for me so i quickly wrapped my hair in my towel and threw a robe on and went to get him. as soon as i go in to get him he stops crying with this shocked look on his face and asked (pointing at my head) what is that? "i wrapped my hair in my towel"...."oh" he exclaimed. moments go by, and i am yet catching myself being lazy again, when i hear little man in the bathroom calling out Mommaaaaa....MOOOMMAAAAAA...."comming!" i told him. I walk in there to see what the little guy is up to (half afraid of what i would see)....he so kindly had gotten out all of my bottles of hair gel and hair spray and my hair dryer and make-up..."here momma" he proudly. (hint?? lol)

Why Don't You Go Make A Fort?

Taylor was playing quietly with his toys, and Eli kept asking me to make play-dough...which i would rather not do because it gets allllll over the place. So, instead, i told him to go make a fort with his blankets, he seemed appeased by that idea. I heard him gathering things together, from different rooms of the house, and wasn't too long before he returned to the living room with his blankets and a FORK..."here momma....Fork"....LOL!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

They Can Be So Sweet Sometimes

Today is Taylor's 5th birthday, so we thought we would send him to school with a boat load of cupcakes, then let him stay long enough to share his treats with his friends at lunch, and break him out early to sneak off to a movie (he's only in pre-school...don't freak out!) so as we were leaving the school, he asked what we were going to do, as we excitedly informed him that we were going to take him out to a movie while his little brother napped at school, he looked at us and said, "well, i just wanna wait until Eli is old enough to go to the theater to", as we were shocked at his thoughtfulness, we were also trying not to laugh in surprise, so we began to explain that because today is his birthday, we were going to go do something special, and then go get Eli took a little convincing, but he finally did it, and had a blast!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Is She Going To Pop Out?

We have been getting ready for Taylor's "Big 5th" Birthday party, and as you can imagine, he has been excited, and very much looking forward to it! Today, he was telling me how he wants all of his class members to be there, and his friend Collin, and his cousin Hannah to be there. As he was naming who he would like to be there, i was telling him who i know for sure wouldn't be able to make it...of course he needed an explanation as to why they wouldn't be there, so when i was telling him how Collins mommy had to be out of town to go see the doctor, that wasn't good enough for him, he needed more, so i told him that Collin has a little sister growing in his mommy's tummy and they needed to go check on his baby sister, and he looked at me with a worried face, and asked...."is she going to pop out?" LoL